Cherry & Feta Quinoa Salad


I just found this super yummy, Summer salad. It’s great warm from the stove, at room temperature, or even slightly chilled, as an on-the-go, healthy lunch treat. This versatile salad can even shape-shift using any other fruit that looks great. Feel free to swap the cherries for strawberries, blackberries, or nectarines. Watch the video to see how it’s done. Enjoy!!


2 cups Quinoa

2 cups Cherries

1/2 lb Feta Cheese

1/4 cup Almonds

1/2 cup Flat Leaf Parsley


4 tsp Olive Oil

3 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

3 tbsp Shallots

Juice From Cherries


Trey Songz Visits Soul 106.3 to Discuss Very Personal New Album (Audio)

trey songz n alexx

Trey Songz & I had fun when he dropped in to discuss his new album, Trigga. Trey explains exactly why he’s single & plans to stay that way for a while. Listen in.



Coming Soon: Hot, Old Men!!! (Video)


I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a movie this much!! Check out the latest trailer with Sly Stallone and the rest of the fellas in “The Expendables 3!” Keep the action coming!!

Singer/Reality TV Star Tamar Braxton Stops by Soul 106.3 to Chat (Audio)

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Tamar & I always have fun when she drops in. She came to get me up to speed on her current tour, the premiere dates for the next seasons of her 2 reality shows, & her upcoming syndicated talk show. We had a great convo, as usual!! Feel free to eavesdrop!

Men… Do Housework, Have More Sex

housework2Whether it’s a character on tv, your honey, or just a friend, I’m sure you’ve heard men mention it lots of times… they wish their lady would have sex with them more often.  And why not?  Sex is fun.  But it’s usually not that simple.  A lot of things are fun, but one has to fit them into their schedule of all the other things that must get done as well. Which leads me to the bold statement that I’ve said for years.  Apparently, men refuse to believe me.  Men, help your lady around the house and you’ll get more sex.

When men picture having a long and happy relationship, doing the dishes may not come to mind, but it should.  Wives/women in relationships often end up cleaning more than their husbands/partners do, spending about 6 extra hours cleaning the home and 3 additional hours caring for their children per week, according to recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center.  So, with all this extra work to do at home, after a long day at work, who has the time or energy for copious amounts of sex?

It’s pretty straight forward; if men want their lady to be happier, friskier and not as stressed, they need to take some things off of her plate! Cook, do the dishes, clean the counters, do laundry, take out the garbage, give the kids a bath, etc.  Do anything and everything that gives her less work to do.  Mama’s way too busy to do all of that work and then you too!  And be consistent about it.  After all, this is supposed to be a partnership.

Yes, it sounds obvious.  But, time and time again, this sage advice to men seems to go in one ear and out the other.

P.S. Women want to have sex too.


Why Are Pregnant Women Criticized for Exercising?

preg4For the most part, America has gotten on a health kick. I think it’s fantastic! But, for every heath-nut, there is a hater lurking in the background. I keep reading stories of woman who are keeping their fitness in check during pregnancy with a regular exercise regimen, and getting criticized for it. If you’re running or doing any cardio, your looked at like you are not fit to be a parent, and heaven forbid you attempt to lift a weight. People then look like they are going to call the Department of Children and Family Services to meet you at the hospital right after you give birth so they can take the baby into custody. I’ve seen it several times. I’ve also heard some extremely negative comments.

It’s obvious, the majority of folks aren’t familiar with the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, which have been well documented. For the mother, staying active promotes energy, sounder sleep, and may even help to prevent gestational diabetes and reduce the length of labor and the odds of requiring medical intervention during birth. Babies get the benefits too. A University of Montreal study found that pregnant women who exercise for just 20 minutes three days a week boost their newborns’ brainpower. According to research conducted by Kansas City University, pregnancy exercise improves newborns’ heart health too.According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pregnant women can safely walk, swim, cycle, participate in aerobics, and run (provided they were runners before they were pregnant). The first Sex and the City movie even addressed it. The general rule of thumb is, if it’s a healthy pregnancy with no complications, it’s recommend that patients resume their pre-pregnancy exercise routines. Otherwise, starting a new exercise routine can be a huge shock to the body and lead to injury for both mom and baby.

So, BOOM! I just dropped the scientific, smarty-pants research on you!  :) Back off the mommies-to-be that are committed to fitness for both themselves and their bundles of joy.

One of my favorite, “I’m a mom who worked out while pregnant,” stories is from a certified personal trainer who observed one interesting side effect after giving birth. She said her baby boy had an interesting appreciation of her workout music. She mentioned, the only thing that would stop him from crying was her playing hip-hop music, like Jay Z. She thinks he heard it in utero and was jamming along with her. LOVE IT!!!

Keep it up mamas-to-be! I’ll keep trying to educate the haters on your behalf.


Should Anger Management be Included in Elementary/High School Curriculum?

Porsha-Stewart-kenya-moore-lgThe brawl on the set of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has taken over media coverage. But that situation is by no way a rare, lone occurrence these days. What the hell is going on with all of the physical fighting?! Grown people are fighting on t.v., fighting at work, fighting at home. Men and women alike are acting like uncontrollable fools. Nearly everyday there’s a news story about some celebrity getting arrested for domestic violence, throwing punches at a party, threatening to kill someone, ordered to undergo Anger Management/ Rehab etc. It seems no one is stable enough to control their anger anymore. I just don’t get it. What’s missing, that people are not saying, “this behavior is unacceptable,” in their own heads?

We often hear about violence in underprivileged or uneducated communities, but what’s the deal when people are well off, educated, employed, and are not struggling? Is all this anger/ hostility something that has just developed in recent years, or has it been brewing and festering underneath a layer of fake collectedness for longer than anyone really knows?

Kids are acting out in crazy fits of rage more often, too. Instances of young violence seem to be escalating to a whole new level of seriousness. Bullying has even gotten to its own level of, wth?! How many times have you been shocked at the things that are happening with today’s kids that no where near existed in your day? Young people are out of control. I’m sure their exposure to adults showing absolutely no restraint just adds fuel to their fires.

I’m starting to think we may need to introduce Anger Management into elementary and definitely high schools. Maybe if we get a head start on the situation when people are young, we’ll see fewer instances of exploding bombs of violence when they are adults. How could it hurt? Why can’t it be incorporated into health curriculum. If we can set aside money for music, art, and sports programs in the interest of creating well-rounded, enlightened, highly functioning, productive members of society, why can’t we find a way to introduce a program to help people deal with anger and stress? I bet it would keep more people safe, others out of jail and, at the very least keep so many from looking like unbridled idiots on some of these t.v. shows.

Jennifer Hudson Stops by Soul 106.3 to Catch Up with Me (Audio)

jhudalexxIt’s always good to catch up with Jennifer. She wanted to debut new music with me 1st! We had some pretty good girl talk, too! Check out our chat!  :)

Has Your Partner Created a Monster?

annoyed1Have you changed certain things about yourself, in order to “co-exist” in your relationship, with less drama. It’s something many people do, without even noticing, until way down the line, when it becomes a problem. Even I admit to having done it.

A really good friend of mine used to tell her husband about her tough days at work all the time. However, hubby didn’t have an empathetic bone in his body. So he would always interrupt her and say, “If you don’t like it, then quit.” That was always his response. He’d also throw in comments about how it was her fault for handling situations incorrectly, etc. She eventually stopped telling him about her day. It was just easier to avoid that tension. He wondered later why she stopped sharing info about her day and wondered if she was hiding things.

Another friend of mine shared things about her past with her man, and it never failed that when they had arguments, he’d throw those things back up in her face, and use it against her to throw salt in a wound. With very hurt feelings, she also stopped sharing. Her guy was then confused about why she suddenly became so tight-lipped about herself.

A co-worker of mine used to dress very glamorously, and her guy loved it. It’s what attracted him to her. However, he didn’t like the time it took for her to get ready and make herself look that super glamorous.  I know you can feel where I’m going with this. He repeatedly nagged her about taking so long to get ready that she cut that time in half. But there went the beautiful, high maintenance hairstyles, fancy make-up, and elaborate wardrobe. He now wishes she put more effort into her daily look.

I won’t even go into the story about my friend, who’s husband complained she was spending way too much money on lingerie. Silly man.

My hunny used to always say, “Why can’t you be more like me?,” when he felt I was doing something girly or reacting in typical girl fashion. Now he wishes that that small bit of girly still existed, because I shut it all down… being more like him like he said he wanted. It was easier to do that than to repeatedly hear those comments or be teased. I’ve also been in a long distance relationship way longer than is anywhere near cute, which has definitely hardened me quite a bit. The distance has never been my choice, but a girl’s got to be tough when she’s on her own. No time to be a wuss when life starts kicking up crap and you’re the only one around to handle it.

Now, it’s not all one-sided, with men saying things to their chicks. A girlfriend of mine used to resent all the time her man spent on his hobbies; including working out, playing sports, and wanting to go out. So, he stopped and became a home-body. He’s now out of shape, carrying extra weight, and never seems to want to do anything fun. She absolutely HATES it!

These are a few cautionary tales about how one’s partner can create someone they don’t like, even though they were the one who asked for the change.

Maybe you’ve done this. Maybe it’s happened to you. Either way, it can make for relationship disaster that almost never reverses. Let’s work to appreciate and embrace the differences. After all, you were attracted to your partner for a reason. If you start monkeying around with what makes them “them,” you’ll probably take away some of their irresistible charm.